For logistics and administrative questions, please email (a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors).
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Alistair Sinclair


Office Hours: M 1-2pm in Soda 677

Sanjit Seshia


Office Hours: MW 2:30-3pm in Cory 566

Admin Student Instructors

Alec Li (he/him) • website

Office Hours: F 1-2pm, F 6-7pm

Hi! I’m a fourth year CS and Applied Math major, and this is my 7th (and last) semester as a TA for CS70. In my free time, I enjoy music composition and swimming. I hope you all have an amazing semester!

Evelyn Koo (she/her)

evesdropper@ • website

hills are hard

Josh Jones (he/him/his)


Office Hours: Th 12-1pm

Shreyas Swaminathan (he/him)


Office Hours: M 1-3pm

the last dance

Student Instructors



Office Hours: M 12-2pm, Tu 1-2pm, F 4-5pm

Carolyn Liu

caliu@ • website

Office Hours: MTh 6-7pm, Tu 5-6pm, W 3-4pm

i like dogs :))

Casey Stanford (he/him)


Office Hours: M 6-8pm

Hello! My name is Casey and I’m a 4th-year CS and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies major. In my free time, I enjoy board games and watching baseball, and I’m a tournament organizer for Super Smash Bros. at Berkeley. This is my second time being a TA - looking forward to a great semester with you all!

Devon Ding


Office Hours: Tu 1-3pm, Th 12-2pm, Th 5-7pm

Forest Yang


Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, Th 10am-12pm, F 10-11am, F 5-7pm

Hi! I’m Forest, a 5th year PhD student in machine learning for biology. I think CS70 is a really fun and eye-opening class and hope you have a blast! I like climbing and watching climbing; my favorite climber is Ai Mori.

James Cheng (he/him/his)

jamescheng@ • website

Office Hours: M 12-1pm, W 4-5pm

heyy 70 peeps! This is my 4th time on course staff, and I really look forward to being with y’all as you go through your 70 journey. When I took the class, it was a challenging and rewarding experience, and I hope y’all get a lot out of the class too. In my free time, I like to lift, do chess puzzles, and watch movies. Feel free to reach out for anything!

Jason Jiang (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 10am-12pm

Second year IEOR+EECS major and a first time TA who loves board/card games. Reach out with any questions you might have, course related or not!

Jennifer Zhao (she/her)

jennifer-zhao@ • website

Office Hours: F 4-6pm

Hi! I’m Jennifer, a second-year studying CS and physics. I like robots, Taylor Swift, and refrigerated bread :D Looking forward to a great semester!

Kewen Wu

kewen_wu@ • website

Office Hours: W 11am-1pm, ThF 12-2pm

I’m a graduate student in the theory group of UC Berkeley, supervised by Prof. Avishay Tal. My interests lie mostly in fishing, and occasionally in theoretical computer science.

Michelle Pan (she/her)

michellepan@ • website

Office Hours: M 2-3pm, Tu 5-7pm, F 10-11am

Hi there! I’m a fourth-year studying CS and logic, and also a fifth-time TA. You can often find me working through NYT crosswords, playing the bells at the campanile, or generally vibing~ see you around :)

Nathan Lichtlé (he/him)

nathanlct@ • website

Office Hours: W 3-7pm, Th 12-2pm

Youngmin Park (he/him)


Office Hours: Tu 6-7pm, W 11am-12pm

Hi! I’m a second-year studying CS and pure math, and this is my second time being a TA for CS 70. In my free time, I enjoy working out and playing the piano.


Andres Chaidez (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 10-11am, Th 12-1pm

Andrew Klearman (He/Him)


Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Hi! I’m a 3’rd year studying CS and Math. Outside of class you can find me skiing with friends or playing chess at Strada. Excited to meet everyone

Andrew Namwook Lee (he/him)


Office Hours: W 11am-12pm, F 4-5pm

Hi! I’m a sophomore studying CS and Math from Seoul, Korea. I like to play and watch basketball during free time.

Ashton Lee


Office Hours: W 12-1pm, W 4-5pm

Hi! I’m a second year lns cs major from the bay area interested in software development. Some of my hobbies include badminton, gaming, and destroying my friends at bedwars >:). I hope you all have an enlightening semester!

Ayush Goel


Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Second year majoring in CS and Economics. Always excited to learn new things

Brian Sui (he/him)


Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, Th 6-7pm

Hello! I’m a second-year CS and applied math major. In my free time, I like running and watching basketball.

Evan Huang (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 5-6pm, F 12-1pm

3rd-year CS + Music major

Jeff Chen (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Hey! I’m a sophomore studying CS and Econ, and I love food and snowboarding. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the course, or if you want to chat about anything!

Jeff Liu (he/him)


Office Hours: Tu 1-2pm, W 5-6pm

excited to meet you all 😎

Jessica Ng (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 2-3pm, F 1-2pm

Hi, I’m Jessica, a second-year CS major from the bay area! I do a lot of reading, crocheting, listening to kpop, eating bagels and cream cheese, and watching singles inferno season 3. This is my first time on 70 staff! I’m excited to meet everyone :)

Matthew Ding (he/him)

matthewding@ • website

Office Hours: F 12-2pm

Hi everyone! I’m Matthew and I’m a junior studying CS and Astrophysics. This is my fourth semester on CS 70 course staff. I’m super excited to help out this semester, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Owen Gozali (he/him)

owengozali@ • website

Office Hours: ThF 10-11am

Hi! I’m Owen, a third year studying CS + DS. In my free time I like to cook, lift, and solve discrete time markov chains.

Siva Tanikonda (He/Him)


Office Hours: Th 11am-12pm

I’m a sophomore CS major, and in my free time I like to play video games and watch random YouTube videos.

Thomas Seward


Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, W 6-7pm

Hey! I’m Thomas and I’m a junior studying Math and Logic. I’m originally from New York and in my free time you can catch me playing backgammon, watching college football, or smoking meat. Feel free to reach out about anything above or 70 related!

Timothe Kasriel (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 11am-12pm, F 4-5pm

Yash Aggarwal (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 1-2pm, Th 6-7pm

Hi! I’m a second-year EECS and math major, and this is my zeroth semester as a reader for CS 70. When I’m free, you can find me playing the piano or incinerating others in ping pong. Feel free to reach out to me anytime!