For logistics and administrative questions, please email (a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors).
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Babak Ayazifar


Satish Rao

satishr@ • website

Admin Student Instructors

Alberto Checcone


Alec Li (he/him) • website

Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Hi! I’m a third year CS and Applied Math major, and this is my 4th semester as a TA for CS70. In my free time, I enjoy music composition and swimming. I hope you all have an amazing semester!

Gilbert Feng


Hi! I’m Gilbert, a senior from the South Bay, and this is my fourth time TAing 70. My various interests include mathematics, strategy games, and strength training. Hope you have a great semester!

Nikki Suzani (she/her)


Office Hours: Th 4-6pm

Hi! I’m Nikki, a CS and Data Science major at Cal. This is my second time TAing for CS70, and I’m super excited to meet y’all! In my free time, I like playing chess, doing the daily Wordle, drinking tea, and singing Taylor Swift’s entire discography on karaoke nights :)

Richard Hu (he/him/his) • website

Hi! I’m a fourth year EECS major and this is my 6th time TAing for CS 70! I enjoy cooking, hiking, reading, and working out. Talk to me about Victorian or Realist novels, your favourite trails, or corners taken quickly :)

Student Instructors

Aaron Zhao (he/him/his)


Office Hours: M 1-2pm, F 6-7pm

Hi everyone! I’m Aaron, a fourth year EECS major, and this is my third year on course staff. In my free time, I like to play basketball, football, and tennis. Feel free to reach out to me to chat about or discuss anything. I’m really looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all!

Amogh Gupta (he/him)


Office Hours: F 1-3pm

Hi! I’m a senior, majoring in EECS and I am interested in CS Systems and Theory. I like to sleep, dream and read philosophy. Here’s a small poem about multiple things I like/do, feel free to talk to me about any of these: Spotifying sofar sounds, / having banana pancakes; / Poolside convos / Chasing cars between the bars / during lucid dreams at vanilla twilight. / Clair de Lune on Rumi, / Four Seasons of a Beautiful Mind. / William; Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and Blake, obviously / (got that Bojack reference?) / sang a song of ice and fire. / Minutephysics for computerphile. / Philonerd cruising skateboard through art galleries; / constellations in the night sky, / exploring them on mountains, / hard to decide between / Wes and Tarantino, isn’t it?

Austin Lei (he/him)


Hello! I am a fourth year Math/CS major. I like math, puzzles, and getting disappointed by the San Jose Sharks.

Ayushi Batwara (she/her)

ayushi.batwara@ • website

Office Hours: Th 2-3pm, Th 4-5pm

Hi 👋 I’m Ayushi, and I’m an EECS and Business major from Seattle 🌲 I love to learn and make others smile 🤓. Once my friends asked me why I don’t do stand up comedy, and I said, “Because I like to sit down.” 🚀 70 was one of my favorite classes, so I’m really excited to be teaching it this semester 🤗 Answer Key: P ⇒ Q is true, where P = you_enjoy_learning and Q = sign_up_for_my_section

Christine Fang

Office Hours: F 12-1pm, F 5-6pm

Hi! I’m Christine and my goal this semester is to fix my sleep schedule.

Colby Chang (he/him/his)

colbychang@ • website

Office Hours: TuTh 3-4pm

Hey! I’m a senior EECS major/MSE minor. I like to make dioramas, play basketball, and rock climb! I also like movies and Halloween. Last year, I dressed up as Doja Cat from Moo!

Jane Zhang


Office Hours: F 2-4pm

Hey! I’m a fourth year CS and Applied Math double major. Feel free to reach out to talk about lifting, video games, school, or anything else on your mind! I’m excited to work with y’all this semester :)

Janice Guo (she/her)


Office Hours: W 4-6pm

Hey there! I’m Janice - in my free time, I enjoy drawing, photography, and grabbing boba after hitting up the RSF. Looking forward to meeting you!

Jet Situ (he/him)


Office Hours: F 4-6pm

Hi everyone! I’m Jet, a fourth-year double majoring in EECS and Business. This will be my third semester TAing for 70, and my 6th semester on course staff. In my free time, I play the koto, a 13 string instrument, and also arrange pieces for an orchestra. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about anything!

Jianzhi Wang (he/him)

jianzhi@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, W 4-5pm

Hi! I am Jianzhi. I am excited to teach CS70 and thrilled to meet you. In my perspective, the best way to grasp concepts is to learn by examples - so in my discussion, I will focus on providing concrete applications to the theory you learn in CS70. Here’s to a great semester!

Josh Jones (he/him/his)


Office Hours: Th 5-7pm

Hi! I’m Josh, a CS and math major, and this is my second time on course staff. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, lifting, and occasionally hiking. Excited for a great semester with you all!

Kev Wang (he/they)


Office Hours: Th 6-7pm, F 3-4pm

Hey, I’m a 3rd year studying EECS. I love Tetris, stuffed animals, and teaching CS 70 🥸 I hope you have a great semester in this class!

Khushi Vaidya (she/her/hers)


Office Hours: M 11am-12pm, F 4-5pm

Korinna Frangias (she/her)


Office Hours: F 11am-1pm

Hello! I am a senior studying EECS and I am really excited to serve as a TA for EECS70 this Fall! My academic interests lie in theoretical ML and algorithmic game theory. In my free time, I love spending time with animals and reading (mostly poetry).

Kyle Lui


Office Hours: W 12-1pm, W 6-7pm

Hello everybody! I’m Kyle, a fourth-year studying EECS from Marlboro, NJ. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, playing bridge, and reading webtoons. Looking forward to a fun semester!

Mallika Parulekar (she/her)


Office Hours: M 12-1pm, F 1-2pm

Hi! My name is Mallika and I’m a third year CS major who also nerds out about math, economics and theoretical CS. I really enjoyed CS 70 when I took it last year and hope to make it fun for all of y’all too! You’ll probably find me exploring new spots around Berkeley, playing frisbee/tennis/running and trying (and failing) to come up with funny things to tweet lol. Happy to chat about anything and also give course/internship advice :)

Malvika Raj (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 4-5pm, Th 3-4pm

Michelle Pan (she/her)

michellepan@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 11am-1pm

Hi there! I’m a third-year studying CS and logic. I’m a big fan of bread, word puzzles, taking long walks, and generally vibing~ I’m looking forward to a spectacular semester—see you around :)

Nate Tausik (he/him)


Office Hours: W 11am-12pm, F 6-7pm

Hey everyone! I’m Nate, a senior studying math, physics, and computer science. This is somehow already my fourth time TA’ing CS 70, but that’s just because this class is so much fun! Can’t wait to meet you all and I hope you enjoy the course!

Shreyas Swaminathan (he/him/his)


Office Hours: Tu 1-3pm

your average cs + math enjoyer


Abhinav Kommula


Office Hours: W 5-7pm

Aditya Satyadeep


Office Hours: F 12-2pm

Allen Chen (He/him)


Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, F 6-7pm

Hi! I am a second year studying cs and physics. In my spare time I like to do homework, watch anime, do more homework, and then do the rest of my homework. 70 is one of the most fun classes I’ve taken here at Berkeley and I look forward to a great semester!

Anita Liu (she/her)

anitaliu@ • website

Office Hours: TuTh 4-5pm

Anshul Zutshi (he/him/his)


Office Hours: Th 2-3pm, F 4-5pm

Hi guys! My name is Anshul and I’m a senior studying computer science, applied math and minoring in data science. I love to play basketball and board games with friends in my free time. Feel free to email me with questions about CS70, studying computer science or data science, or to chat about sports!

Anthony Maltsev


Office Hours: M 1-2pm, Th 5-6pm

Ashley Zhang (she/her/hers)


Office Hours: Tu 2-4pm

Caroline Wu (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 11am-1pm

Hi! My name is Caroline and I’m a third-year EECS and data science major. Outside of CS I’m passionate about Wordle, collecting recipes, watching drama shows, and going to cafes. I’m looking forward to a great semester in CS70! :)

Casey Stanford (he/him)


Office Hours: M 12-1pm, Tu 4-5pm

Hi! I’m a third-year CS and (intended) AGRS major, I’m a reader, and this is my second semester on course staff. In my free time, I enjoy card games, podcasts, and watching baseball. Hope you enjoy the semester!

Catherine Zhang (she/her)


Office Hours: W 11am-1pm

David Ban (He/Him)


Office Hours: W 11am-1pm

Dominic de Bettencourt


Office Hours: M 12-2pm

Evelyn Koo (she/her)

r_evelynkoo@ • website

Office Hours: W 4-6pm

dice go brr

Gaurav Bhatnagar (he/him/his)

gbhatnagar@ • website

Office Hours: Th 2-3pm, F 5-6pm

Hi, I’m Gaurav! I’m studying EECS and Business here. I love watching K-dramas and (when I’m not falling) ice skating.

Gavin Zhang (He series)


Office Hours: Th 5-7pm

Harry Dalal (He/Him)

harrydalal92@ • website

Office Hours: Th 12-1pm, F 11am-12pm

Hi! I’m Harry. I am a senior studying CS at Cal and I love the field of probability. I really enjoy hiking, working out, strategy games, and playing sports like basketball and volleyball. Very excited for a great semester with y’all and feel free to come chat about anything!

Ian Dong

ihdong@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 2-4pm

Hi! My name is Ian, and I’m a second year majoring in computer science. In my free time, I love to play basketball, tennis, binging Netflix shows, and enjoying time with friends and family. I’m always looking to explore any TV shows to binge so hit me up with any suggestions. CS 70 was my favorite class and I hope it would be yours too.

Ice Unjitwattana (he/him)


Isabelle Liu


Office Hours: Tu 5-6pm, Th 6-7pm

James DeLoye (he/him)

jdeloye@ • website

Office Hours: Th 3-5pm

Hi, I’m James, a third year CS major and a first time 70 reader! I love building PCs, working out, cooking, baking, and more. I’m also a big fan of music (hip-hop, k-pop, rap, etc.). Feel free to ask me about key lime pies, VCT, or the NBA sometime. I hope you all enjoy your time in the class this semester!

Janvi Shah


Office Hours: Tu 11am-1pm

Michael Huang (He/Him)

michael_huang1291@ • website

Office Hours: MF 11am-12pm

“Do you smell that? Natural. Odors.”

Raghav Ramanujam (He/him)


Office Hours: TuTh 1-2pm

Hey! My name is Raghav, and I’m a second year in EECS. In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar and golf. Looking forward to meeting all of you this semester!

Tyler Sameshima


Office Hours: F 2-4pm

Yu Long

long_yu@ • website

Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Hi! I’m a sophomore in EECS and this is my third semester being on course staff :)

Academic Interns

Aarush Aitha (he/him)


Hello! My name is Aarush and I’m an AI for Jianzhi’s discussion (W/F 9-10 AM). This is my second time being an AI for CS 70. Please feel free to reach out to me at for any questions regarding CS 70, scheduling classes, and anything else!

Arihant Choudhary (he/him/his)

arihant@ • website

I’m a sophomore from Kolkata, India. I enjoy working on projects that help create meaningful impact and foster learning and academic growth. I like talking about failure and want to help de-stigmatize the embarrassment around talking about failing (especially in a highly competitive environment like college). Please feel free to shoot me an email.

Brandon Tang


Office Hours: Th 3-5pm

Chuyi Shang (he/him)


Hi! I’m a sophomore majoring in economics and computer science - cs70 was my favorite class and hopefully it’ll be yours too! Outside of cs70, I enjoy sports, guitars, and browsing Wikipedia.

Ethan Ordentlich (he/him/his)


beep boop discrete math and probability theory go brrr

James Cheng ((he/him))

jamescheng@ • website

Office Hours: F 12-1pm, F 4-5pm

Hey everyone! I’m James, a 3rd-year studying Computer Science and Business Administration. In my free time, I like to struggle through EECS 126, swim, read, and watch movies. CS 70 introduced me to the beauty (and challenges) of math and I hope it will do the same for you :)

Jason Ding (he/him)

jasonding@ • website

Office Hours: F 1-3pm

Hi :D I like to play chess, smash, LoL, and a variety of board games heehee

Jayaditya Sethi (he/him)


hmu w what your favourite pokemon is

Jenna Jang


Hello, i am senior computer science. I hope y’all get A and enjoy this class. I will try my best to help you out.

Jessica Fan (She/Her/Hers)


haha. hello.

Kelly Im (she/her)


Hey everyone, I’m a sophomore studying CS and statistics. CS70 was one of my favorite class (i guess..?) and I’ll try my best to help you;)

Matthew Ding (he/him)

matthewding@ • website

Hi everyone! I’m Matthew and I’m a sophomore studying CS and Astrophysics. This is my first time as an AI for CS 70, and I’m super excited to help out this semester!

Matthew Dull (he/him)


Hi everyone! I’m a 4th year Engineering Math Stat major from SoCal. I like to play guitar, volleyball, pickleball (if you know you know) and work on projects in my free time. I’m always open to answering any course questions no matter how small so don’t be shy!

Nathan Jin (He/Him)


Office Hours: Th 3-4pm, F 11am-12pm


Preston Fu (he/him)


Hi! I am a first-year studying EECS. I like math, origami, working out, and walking.

Ricky Ahn (He/Him)


Office Hours: Th 5-7pm

Hello! I am a junior studying Computer Science. I hope everyone who reads this gets all A’s this semester 😤

Ryan Cottone (he/him)


Hey! I’m Ryan, a sophomore EECS and Math major who loves to go on hikes and play tennis in their free time. Excited to be teaching CS 70 this semester!

Sueji Kim (She/They)

Office Hours: Th 6-7pm, F 3-4pm

Xinze Guo (she/her/hers)

sunnyguo@ • website