For logistics and administrative questions, please email (a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors).
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Babak Ayazifar


Office Hours: 4:10-5:30p
Office Hour Link

Satish Rao

satishr@ • website

Office Hours: M 5-6p
Office Hour Link

Admin Student Instructors

Alberto Checcone


Office Hours: TBD

Dustin Luong


Office Hours: Th 3-4p

Richard Hu (he/him)

Office Hours: TBD

Hi! I’m a third year EECS student and this is my 4th time TAing for CS 70 and my 1st time teaching in-person! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, playing TF2, rewatching The Office, and working out. Hope you have a wonderful semester :D

Sylvia Jin (she/her)

swjin@ • website

Office Hours: F 10-11a

Fourth-year math major here – I loved discrete math and I hope that by the end of CS70, you will too! I teach the remote discussions on Tu/Th 9-10pm PST, so if you’re unable to attend in-person or get sick and need to make up discussion attendance, feel free come to mine! :)

Tarang Srivastava (he/him)

tarang.sriv@ • website

Office Hours: F 1-2p

Hi! I’m a third year Math and CS double major and this is my 4th time as a TA and 2nd time as a Head TA for CS70! In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, come talk to me about F1 or football.

Student Instructors

Abinav Routhu (he/him)


Office Hours: F 2-3p

Alec Li (he/him) • website

Office Hours: Th 4-6p

Arin Chang (he/him)


Office Hours: M 2-4p

Hi everyone! I’m a third year CS/math major from Saratoga, CA. I enjoy getting stuck on puzzles, hiking, and making violin covers for my youtube channel. Feel free to talk to me about anything :)

Arun Ganesh (he/him)

arunganesh@ • website

Office Hours: F 3-4p

I’m Arun, a PhD student interested in differential privacy and string algorithms. My research overlaps heavily with some of the CS70 topics, so feel free to reach out to me asking about applications of CS70 topics in the “real world”, what I work on, or anything related to grad school!

Austin Lei (he/him)


Office Hours: TuF 5-6p

Hi. I’m Austin. I’m a third-year Math/CS student. I like math, puzzles, and getting disappointed by the San Jose Sharks.

Briana Zhang (she/her)


Office Hours: W 9-10p

I’m a senior EECS major and this will be my second semester TA’ing for CS 70! In my spare time, I play Genshin Impact while listening to podcasts. Feel free to reach out via email whenever you have questions!

Brianna Fan (she/her)


Office Hours: M 4-5p, Th 9-10p

Hi! I’m a junior studying CS & History from Toronto. My hobbies include taking pictures of my cat, annoying my friends with said pictures, and buying 3 books for every 1 I read. I’m in the process of acquiring (1) more tactile switches and cute keycaps than I need and (2) some fluency in the French language. My favourite topic is graph theory because I can draw pretty diagrams :D

Catherine Gai (she/her)


Office Hours: W 2-3p, F 3-4p

Frank Wang (he/him)


Office Hours: W 3-4p

Hello! I’m a senior studying EECS and math from the Bay Area. This is my 3rd time TAing 70 but the first time I’ve had the chance to write a bio - I’m both nervous and excited! Outside of academics, I like Steph Curry, @foodieefrank, Lauv, running, airline meal desserts, the city of Berkeley, and chili oil. Academically, I like CS 70.

Gilbert Feng

gilbertfeng@ • website

Office Hours: TuTh 10-11a

Hi! I’m Gilbert, a third-year from the South Bay. My various interests include mathematics, strategy games, and strength training. Hope you have a great semester!

Janice Guo (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 4-6p

Jonathan Guo (he/him)


Office Hours: M 10-11a, F 2-3p

Kyle Lui (he/him)


Office Hours: W 4-5p, Th 5-6p

My name is Kyle Lui, and I am a 3rd year EECS major from NJ. In my free time, I like swimming, playing frisbee, and playing bridge. Hope you enjoy your CS 70 semester!

Michael Wang

m1ch43lw4ng@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 2-4p

Nate Tausik (he/him)


Office Hours: F 4-6p

Hi! My name is Nate, and I’m a third year Math, Physics and CS major from Los Angeles. When not doing problem sets, I can often be found cooking, practicing guitar, or playing video games, so feel free to talk to me about any of these things! CS 70 is one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Berkeley; it can be challenging, but it had big impact on how I view math and the world in general. My biggest hope is that you all will find the course fun and exciting, and enjoy it as much as I did!

Qinhong Chen (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 2-3p,

Hi! I’m Qinhong (pronounced “chin-hong”) and I’m a 4th year CS/Econ major from Diamond Bar, CA. This is my fourth semester teaching CS 70, and I’m excited to meet you all this semester!

Rachel Lawrence (she/her)

rlaw@ • website

Office Hours: MW 5-6p

Sagnik Bhattacharya (he/they)

sagnick@ • website

Office Hours: MTu 9-10p

William Lin


Office Hours: W 2-4p


Aaron Zhao (he/him)


Office Hours: WTh 1-2p

Abhi Gundrala (he/him)

gundralaa@ • website

Office Hours: F 4-6p

cs + cogsci. talk to me about ai + brains, guitars and random graphs! good luck this semester :)

Allen Gu (he/him)


Office Hours: ThF 1-2p

Amogh Gupta (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 2-4p

Ananth Rao


Office Hours: W 4-6p

Arturo Olvera (he/him)

olvera@ • website

Office Hours: TBD

Hi! My name is Arturo and I’m a fourth year Math and CS major from Mexico City. I’m really excited to be helping out with CS 70 this semester!

Aryan Jain (he/him)


Office Hours: W 3-4p, Th 4-5p

Colby Chang (he/him)


Office Hours: F 1-3p

my favorite chips are jalapeno ms vickies

Conor Martin (he/him)

conormartin@ • website

Office Hours: F 3-5p

I’m a 3rd year EECS and Music student focused on AI/ML! I have a lot of hobbies including piano, running, discussing stuff (politics, technology, ethics, etc), and more. CS 70 has been one of most challenging classes, but I got through it and so can you!

Ethan Wang (he/him)


Office Hours: Tu 9-10p, Th 2-3p

Gina Wu (she/her)


Office Hours: Th 5-6p, 9-10p

Jane Zhang


Office Hours: TBD

Jet Situ (he/him)


Office Hours: F 4-6p

Jing Yi Lim


Office Hours: W 2-4p

Kev Wang (he/they)


Office Hours: F 2-4p

hi! nice to meet you. hmu if you play tetris!

Khushi Vaidya (she/her)


Office Hours: TBD

Maria Li (she/her)

Office Hours: Tu 3-4p, W 4-5p

Michelle Pan (she/her)


Office Hours: WF 10-11a

Hi! I’m a second-year CS major from the Bay Area who loves design, sci-fi, and watching sunsets. In my free time you can find me trying to keep my plants alive and learning how to play guitar! Always down to talk about anything :)

Rahul Shah (he/him)

rsha256@ • website

Office Hours: WTh 9-10p

Hiya, I’m Rahul and I’m a Reader this semester. I’m from Princeton NJ and I like going on short walks, reading, and coding fun things. I also like teaching and learning new things!

Reva Agashe (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 1-2p, W 5-6p

Shreyas Swaminathan (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 2-4p

Vincent Lim (he/him)


Office Hours: TBD