For logistics and administrative questions, please email (a private email that is only seen by the head TAs and professors).
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Avishay Tal

atal@ • website

Office Hours: M 1:30-2:30pm, Soda 635

Satish Rao

satishr@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 1-2pm, Soda 687

Admin Student Instructors

Alec Li (he/him/his) • website

Office Hours: F 4-6pm

Hi! I’m a fourth year CS and Applied Math major, and this is my 6th semester as a TA for CS70. In my free time, I enjoy music composition and swimming. I hope you all have an amazing semester!

Christine Fang

Office Hours: MW 12-1pm

Hi! I’m Christine, a third year CS + Econ major. Fun facts about me: I’m from New Zealand, and I have a twin (see if you can spot her on campus) :). Looking forward to meeting you all this semester!

Gavin Zhang (he/him)


Hi everyone! I’m Gavin and I’m super excited to meet y’all. Some of my interests include kiwis, cats, League of Legends (diamond 4 btw), Taylor Swift, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Honkai Star Rail. Feel free to reach out for anything :)

Shreyas Swaminathan (he/him)


fourth-year math + cs major and fifth-time TA who enjoys basketball, climbing, and strategy games

Student Instructors

Caroline Wu (she/her)


Office Hours: M 11am-12pm, Tu 6-7pm

Hi! My name is Caroline and I’m a 4th-year studying EECS and Data Science. I enjoy trying new restaurants, sad girl music, and personality quizzes. My hope is to make CS70 more approachable and have y’all enjoy the class as much as I do. Please feel free to reach out about anything :)

Dominic de Bettencourt (he/him)

dominicd@ • website

Office Hours: W 2-3pm, Th 11am-12pm

Hi! I’m Dominic, a senior studying CS from Portland (Oregon, not Maine). This is my second semester as a TA, and some of my interests include playing random mobile games (#200 in the world in Unicycle Hero), going to concerts, and driving Gig cars to In-N-Out.

Evelyn Koo (she/her)

evesdropper@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 12-2pm

side quest anderson

Hongxun Wu (he/him/his)

wuhx@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 4-6pm, W 5-6pm, W 7-8pm, F 4-5pm

Josh Jones (He/him/his)


Office Hours: F 12-2pm

Hi! I’m a 3rd year CS and applied math major, and this is my fourth semester on course staff. Outside of work/school, I enjoy working out and hiking!

Michelle Pan (she/her)

michellepan@ • website

Office Hours: Th 4-6pm

Hi there! I’m a fourth-year studying CS and logic, and also a fourth-time TA. You can often find me working through NYT crosswords, playing the bells at the campanile, or generally vibing~ see you around :)

Nathan Lichtlé (he/him)

nathanlct@ • website

Office Hours: Th 12-1pm, ThF 6-7pm

Hi there! I’m a second-year PhD student in EECS, and this is my first time teaching at Berkeley, super excited! In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, learning languages and exploring nature. Also love books and huskies. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! :)

Sriram Sridhar (he/him)


Office Hours: TuTh 4-5pm, W 3-6pm

Hi! I’m a second year PhD student working in cryptography. In my free time, I’m either throwing frisbees or throwing myself at a climbing wall. Feel free to talk to me about anything! (except cryptocurrencies pls)

Xin Lyu (He/Him/His)

xinlyu@ • website

Office Hours: M 1-3pm, Tu 11am-12pm, Th 5-6pm, F 2-3pm



Office Hours: W 11am-12pm, W 3-4pm, W 5-6pm, Th 1-2pm, F 2-4pm


Allen Chen

Office Hours: TuTh 5-6pm

Andrew Klearman (He/Him/His)


Office Hours: W 3-4pm, Th 11am-12pm

Hey! I’m a third year studying CS + Applied Math. My favorite hobbies are skiing, playing Fifa, and cooking. Excited to meet everyone.

Arjun Damerla (he/him)


Office Hours: F 2-4pm


Ashton Lee


Office Hours: W 12-1pm, W 2-3pm

Hi! I’m a second year lns cs major from the bay area interested in software development. Some of my hobbies include badminton, gaming, and destroying my friends at bedwars >:). I hope you all have an enlightening semester!

Ayush Goel (he / him)


Office Hours: W 12-1pm, W 2-3pm

Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Economics

Bryan Li (he/him)


Office Hours: ThF 4-5pm

Carolyn Liu

caliu@ • website

Office Hours: MW 11am-12pm

Hi! I’m a second year cs major from the bay area. I love dogs and my favorite dog is kodak! I hope we have a great semester together :))

Casey Stanford (he/him)


Office Hours: F 5-7pm

Hi! My name is Casey and I’m a 4th-year CS and Ancient Greek and Roman Studies major. This is my third semester as a reader for CS 70, and I was a TA over summer. In my free time, I enjoy board games and watching baseball, and am a tournament organizer for Super Smash Bros. at Berkeley. Looking forward to a great semester!

Charming Zhang (she/her/hers)


Office Hours: Th 5-6pm, F 3-4pm

Hi there! I am a junior studying CS and Stats! I enjoy watching all kinds of sports and exploring nature in my free time. But most importantly, I enjoy digging into CS 70 :D

Evan Huang (he/him)


Office Hours: F 5-7pm

Haroon Muwonge (He/Him/His)


Office Hours: Tu 11am-12pm, W 4-5pm

Hello guys! my name is Haroon and I’m studying CS + Econ I hope y’all are excited for the course this Fall. This is my second time on course staff for CS70, first as a reader. Hit me up to talk 70, hoops, and weightlifting!

Ian Dong

ihdong@ • website

Office Hours: M 11am-1pm

Hi! My name is Ian, and I’m a third year majoring in computer science. In my free time, I love to play basketball, tennis, binging Netflix shows, and enjoying time with friends and family. I’m always looking to explore any TV shows to binge so hit me up with any suggestions. CS 70 was my favorite class and I hope it would be yours too.

James Cheng (he/him)

jamescheng@ • website

Office Hours: M 12-1pm, W 5-6pm

hey y’all! I’m James, a 4th-year studying Computer Science and Business. In my free time, I like weightlifting, swimming, and playing chess (very poorly). Send me a message if you want to talk about anything!

Jason Jiang (he/him)


Office Hours: Tu 5-7pm

Hi, I’m a second year IEOR major who loves board/card games. Looking forward to making this class enjoyable for everyone!

Jeff Liu (he/him)


Office Hours: M 1-3pm

Excited to meet everyone this year 😎

Jennifer Zhao (she/her)


Office Hours: M 1-2pm, F 12-1pm

CS + physics student & amateur graphic designer! Super excited to work with you all :D

Matthew Ding (he/him)

matthewding@ • website

Office Hours: F 1-2pm, F 4-5pm

Hi everyone! I’m Matthew and I’m a junior studying CS and Astrophysics. This is my third semester on CS 70 course staff. I’m super excited to help out this semester, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Nathan Jin

Office Hours: Th 12-2pm

Owen Gozali (he/him)

owengozali@ • website

Office Hours: Tu 4-5pm, Th 1-2pm

Hi! I’m Owen, a third year studying CS + Business from Indonesia. In my free time I love trying new recipes, playing volleyball, and discrete mathematics

Pranesh Kumar

Office Hours: Tu 1-2pm, F 12-1pm

Raymond Tsao


Office Hours: TuTh 12-1pm

Second year CS+applied math major

Rohan Penmatcha (He/Him)


Office Hours: M 2-3pm, Th 6-7pm

Second-year CS + Applied Math major

Sena Gul Hazir (she/her)


Office Hours: Tu 12-1pm, W 11am-12pm

Siva Tanikonda (He/Him)


Office Hours: TuTh 11am-12pm

I’m a sophomore CS major, and in my free time I like to play video games and watch random YouTube videos.

Thomas Seward


Office Hours: W 5-6pm, W 7-8pm

Hey! I’m Thomas and I’m a junior studying Math and CS with a minor in Logic. I’m originally from Westchester, NY and in my free time you can catch me playing backgammon, watching college football, or smoking meat. Go Bears!

Xiaorui Liu (he/him/his)


Office Hours: F 1-3pm

I’m a junior studying CS, DS, and History, w/ a minor in Digital Humanities :D. I like eating yummy food. I hope everyone has a great semester!

Youngmin Park (he/him)


Office Hours: Th 4-5pm, Th 6-7pm

Hi! I’m a second-year studying CS and pure math, interested in theory research, specifically streaming algorithms. In my free time, I enjoy working out and playing the piano.

Academic Interns